JEE examination is one of the most sought-after Engineering Exam in our country. The preparation phase for this examination is the most important and crucial phase in a student’s journey to become an engineer.It is important that the student sorts out his priorities and remains focussed on his/her goal. Student has to analyse every moment and check if his/her preparation is going in track with the standard proven and tested preparation strategies.

These are the 6 Signs which let us know if our preparation is on right track:

Checking out performance Graph
One must practice a lot of Mock Test Papers. One must set a schedule where he/she has to test his/her understanding on a regular basis. Is your scorecard showing progress? Is it improving? What about your rank? Is it increasing in the school/coaching institution where you are studying? If the answer is yes, it means that you are on a positive growth trajectory and your performance is improving with every passing day in an incremental manner. If the answer is No, well then you have pretty much the idea that your preparation is not on the right track andyou need to change your strategy.

Healthy body
Is exam pressure giving you sleepless nights and has it taken a toll on your health?
One can very easily start his/her JEE journey but with time one has to realise the pressure is going to increase a little bit.All you have to do is maintain your calm and keep moving forward. Sometimes a student loses his calm, comes under tremendous pressure and sinks in the pool of depression.The student feels he/she will not be able to clear the exam.This panic will not only make you lose valuable time but will also hamper your performance more than anything. Being confident is the key. If you believe in yourself, all the things will come in to a line.

Will to Clear JEE
Do you still want to be an IIT’ian? The passion or fire which you had when you started the preparation, do you feel the same fire inside you at a later stage?
It generally happens. When “IIT Aspirants” start with their JEE preparation, the only thing which they care about is becoming an IIT’ian, their entire life revolves around this notion of getting the tag and then becoming famous. After quite a few memory overload incidences and realizing that the level of JEE examination is good, most of the students go wayward and try to shift their stream towards a new target. In simple words students try to devise a backup plan. The mentioned shift in motivation is a major pointer that you have lost track of your preparation.

Are you Serious
Does good performance makes you overconfident?Does a poor performance make you lose your heart and makes you depressed? You should know that, JEE preparation phase not only helps you develop subject knowledge, but it also helps increase your mental stamina. It matures your brain. One must remain neutral in both situations, when he/she tops and when he/she scores poor and should never slide away from the target channel to achieve your goal. Success or Failure should not deviate you from your end goal.

Are you Negligent
There are many students who keep on studying and revising their favourite subjects, and keep revising the topics in which they are very good, are your one of those students? One must overcome his/her weak points and if you are neglecting other subjects or topics which you fear then you are putting all you efforts in a drain. Neglecting other subjects or topics may put your preparation in a dark phase. One must focus on overcoming his/her weak points. JEE tests your knowledge and grasp on all three subjects and not just one or two or some important topics. Make sure you are devoting equal time to all three subjects and are maintaining time table to do so.