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Journey so far!


Number of Learners : 100

We started our operations in Hazratganj Lucknow.

Number of Learners : 300

Post 2022, Scholar Forum growth has been phenomenal. It expanded into 3 branches across Lucknow - Aliganj, Aashiyana, Hazratganj.

Number of Learners : 500

Launched Scholar Forum Mobile App.

Number of Learners : 2789+

After 2022, Scholar Forum has grown astronomically. It increased from 500 to 2789+ students and still growing.


Our mission is to create World’s Best Institution that serves the society for thousands of years -may be perennially.

Kaushal Pandya

Subject- Botany

10+ Years Experience  (Allen, Aakash, Sri Chaitanya)

Botany is often a daunting subject for most medical aspirants. He is a man on a mission to make the subject as simple & fun as possible.

He makes his students connect with botany in a way that make them see it as logical subject just like others.

His interactive teaching style has inspired many to love botany.

Anugrah Agrawal

Subject- Maths

10+ Years Experience 

(Motion, IIT Study Circle)

Anugrah sir  got his B.Tech from IIT BHU, and since then he has been mentoring thousands of students for IITJEE. His in-depth understanding of the subject and lucid way of teaching makes his students score high in mathematics.

He always says that maths is not science, it’s an art and well practicing art makes a person perfect at the same time.

Sachin Sharma

Subject- Physics

10+ Years Experience

(Allen, Aakash, Sri Chaitanya)

He is an epitome of physics knowledge and an excellent Teacher.

His specialty lies in making the toughest concept of physics interesting to the students and making them gain confidence in the subject.

By his extraordinary teaching skills he inculcates lateral and progressive thinking capacity in the students.

Nischal Bajpai

Subject- Chemistry

8+ Years Experience 

(FIITJEE, Career Point) 

He makes his students visualize chemistry and connect it with real-life examples of day-to-day life. He always believed that ‘Elements are just like the people around us, only less complicated. Once you know their nature, you know exactly how they are going to react.’

A few days into his classes are bound to create a love triangle between Nischal sir, Students and Chemistry.j

Siddharth Mehta

Subject- Physics

10+ Years Experience 

(Allen, Aakash, Sri Chaitanya)

He Possess infectious level of enthusiasm, caring attitude, made for each other kind of feeling for teaching physics, a burning desire to make a difference in the young/ deprived people. 

Taking students from root to fruit is his way of working and making them ordinary to extraordinary is his goal.


Manuj Srivastava

Subject- Chemistry

10+ Years Experience

(FIITJEE, Aakash, Sri Chaitanya)

Mr. Manuj Srivastava, a seasoned and highly regarded senior chemistry teacher with an unparalleled passion for the subject.

His in-depth knowledge, coupled with his dynamic teaching style, has earned him a reputation as an exceptional educator among both students and colleagues.

Our Result Speak For Us

Congratulations to our NEET Toppers 2021

B. Ved

Marks – 686

AIR – 592


Marks – 642

AIR – 5539


Marks – 636

AIR – 6663


Marks – 605

AIR – 16779

Congratulations to our IIT-JEE Toppers 2021







B. Arjun